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  1. Contact Call: This sound is a doe's way of locating other deer of her family group. This call can be used all year long.
  2. Buck Bawl: This sound's a lot like a calf bawl , but it is a series of buck bleats. This signals the bucks desire for company.
  3. Doe Grunt: Grunts are a doe's way of saying come here , also to call her fawns at feeding time. It is critical to keep the call soft as a loud grunt is too aggressive of a call.
  4. Buck Grunt: A buck grunt is a deeper pitch than a doe grunt , it means the same thing. The older the buck the deeper the tone.
  5. Sparring: This is a non aggressive and social behavior that all bucks do after shedding their velvet. This is when the bucks learn who can whip the other . This process does not prevent serious fights later on during the rut.
  6. Tending Grunt: As the buck chases the doe as the rut approaches  he is frustrated , and makes a series of soft grunts while trailing her. It's the bucks way of asking her to stop so he can be breed with her.
  7. Breeding Bellow: This is the sound that a Doe makes to signal that she ready to breed RIGHT NOW.
  8. Estrus Bleat: This is the sound that a Doe makes to signal that her breeding time is near.
  9. Rage Grunts: This is the sound that a buck makes during the courtship when the doe stops running, but won't let the buck breed her. It's a non aggressive and frustration call by him.

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